Fast, Safe & Very Simple

We set new standards The ADT dental Implant System sets new standards in implant dentistry with respect to stability and handling. The core element of the system ensures an accurate, mechanically secure implant-to-abutment connection with anti-rotational stability. The system consists of a minimum of components and is clearly organized, easily manageable, and very user-friendly for clinicians, dental technicians and assistants.

Classic  -  Classic is a straight, parallel walled, slightly tapered implant with variable thread design.
                           Its unique design allows extremely accurate positioning  for improved esthetics and load 
                           distribution. The Implants are double thread 2x1.2mm self tapping.

Dynamic - Dynamic Spiral Implant is a tapered implant with spiral tap which condenses the bone for
                             immediate stability.
                             It has two large variable threads and a tapered design for accurate implant placement,
                             self drilling, improved esthetics and better load distribution.Touareg unique design allows
                             immediate function for all types of bone.

Oragon -  Oragon is the ultimate implant for close sinus lift. It is user friendly due to the special round 
                          shape of the apex that pushes the bone graft with minimal harm to anatomic structures. 
                          Excellent to use specially with bones type 3-4.